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SOLD Antique 18th-19th Century Silver Mounted Turkish Ottoman Islamic Dagger Kard


SOLD Antique 18th-19th century Silver mounted Turkish Ottoman Islamic Dagger (Kard). The single-edged steel blade tapering to a point, damascened with gold Arabic Cufic calligraphy and trellised palmette. The silver hilt adorned with ferrule and incised design. The wooden scabbard is covered with green fabric and fitted with a repousse and engraved silver chape and locked with suspension mount

CONDITION: Showing age and usage, the silver hilt and the scabbard fittings with age wear, dents and repairs. Please notice that the pictures in the listing are part of the description of the condition of the object


Overall length of the dagger sheathed in the scabbard: 31 cm (12.2 inches)

Overall length without the scabbard: 27 cm (10.63 inches)

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