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SOLD Antique 18-19th century Russian Icon In Silver Mother of God Of Tikhvinskaya


SOLD Antique, late 18th-early 19th century, Russian Eastern Orthodox Christian icon of Tikhvinskaya Mother Of God, hand painted with tempera in the traditional Byzantine style on wood panel with velvet backing, and set in a high grade silver riza - oklad. The icon depicting the Mother of God (Theotokos) as the Virgin Hodegetria. The Virgin holds the Child in her left hand and points toward him with her right directing the attention of worshippers. The baby Jesus gives the benediction while facing his mother, a gesture of honor, and holds the scroll of the Law in the other, inscribed on the left in Cyrillic Tikhvinskaya Virgin.

Silver oklad is a hand embossed, repousse, and engraved robe, and the maphorion of the virgin are decorated in Baroque-rococo manner, with attached Silver-gilt radiating “sunburst” halos surmounted by imperial crown, the borders decorated with blossoms and foliage.

Since some icons are covered by riza and has only visible parts painted such as the face and hands, we have removed the oklad from the panel to check if the wood panel is painted with a complete image or just only the faces and the hands, then we had placed back the oklad on the wood panel.

There are no visible silver hallmarks. However, we had tested by acid for purity of the silver which is approximately 800 -1000 grades. On the right side of the reza exterior there are poorly visible hand engraved letters and numbers (Please see the picture attached to the listing).

According to legend this icon restored the eyesight of two blind men – hence the name Hodegetria meaning, “She who gives sight” or “shows the way”. Icons (icon means "image" in Greek) are sacred objects within the Eastern Orthodox Christian tradition. Found in homes as well as churches, these painted images depict holy persons and saints as well as illustrate scenes from the scriptures. Icons are not worshiped, but are instead venerated for their ability to focus the power of an individual's prayer to God. As such they are truly "windows into heaven."

The Hodegetria is an icon that arrived in Constantinople from Jerusalem, where the sister-in-law of Emperor Theodosius II found it in the 5th century CE. Hidden from the iconoclasts in a wall at the Hodegon Monastery, it was later carried to the city walls when Constantinople was under siege and became a palladium protecting the capital.

CONDITION: In its original condition, showing its age and usage, with an old patina and wear, two minor chips on the bottom edge. Rizza with some wear and dents, the sides of the exteriors of the riza are slightly damaged with an old repair on the bottom side of the silver riza. The paper lining with Cyrillic printing in the interior of the riza is a later addition. All of this can be aspect from the icon over 200 years old. The suspension loop on the back is modern.

DIMENSIONS: 18 cm x 13.2 cm (7.09 inches x 5.2 inches)

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