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SOLD Antique 17th century Ukrainian Cossack Gun Powder Flask


SOLD Rare Antique 17th -18th century Ukrainian Zaporozhian Cossack staghorn Gun Powder - Flask with a bifurcated body engraved with traditional Ukrainian folk designs with an elaborate rosette on the centre surrounded by three stylized tridents - Tryzub adorned by domed brass rivets and fitted in brass engraved in a zigzag pattern with two loops on the side for suspension.

REFERENCES: 1) Very similar Powder Horns are published in the book "Украина- козацька держава by Володимир Недяк. (Ukrainian Cossack state by Volodymyr Nedyak) Pages: 241, 242, and 243.

MEASUREMENTS: Height: 17.2 cm (6 3/4 in).Width: 14.7 cm (5 3/4 in)

CONDITION: In its original good condition showing the age with a dark brown patina.

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