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SOLD Antique 17th century Sword Belt, Hungarian Polish


SOLD An exceptional antique 17th century Hungarian - Polish Nobleman's sword belt made in the characteristic Transylvanian manner of belts produced in Hermannstadt -Nagyszeben present-day Romanian city Sibiu, which was an important center for the production of weapons and military equipment, not only for Hungary, but also for Central and Eastern Europe. Many of these types of Transylvanian belts were exported to the Kingdom of Poland due to the fact that the costumes and weapons of Hungarian Nobleman were similar to the Polish Nobleman's, and since the belts from Transylvania were very expensive, these types of belts were frequently copied by Polish craftsmen, so sometimes it is difficult to determine if a belt is an actual Transylvanian product, or made in Poland, but in the Transylvanian style. Some of the belts have been described in Polish museums as Hungarian-Transylvanian, or Polish made in the Transylvanian style. In the Ukrainian museums in Lwow these types of belts are described as Ukrainian belts.

DETAILS: The front of the belt is faced by a dark brown velvet, bordered by woven rope, fitted with a loop for suspension, and bejeweled by ten domed rosette bosses, made of several elements of gold gilded brass, adorned with settings of pewter beads. The terminals are each fitted with large gild brass buckles ornate with repousse and chiseled with baroque ornaments and flowers, fitted at the ends with a serpent head hook on one side and a loop for the chain for closure on the other (the chain is missing). The back of the belt is finished with a heavy canvas woven with straps.

Some of these types of Transylvanian style belts were continued to be made up until the 19th century. This particular belt is a rare 17th century example.


1. Five examples of these rare belts are in the collection of the Museum national in Krakow - Please see the attached pictures. Also two very similar belts have been presented at the exhibition -Pasja Zbjerania Kolekcja Ryszarda Z.Janiaka" catalogue of the exhibits in “The Royal Castle in Warsaw” A Passion for Collecting - The Collection of Ryszard Z.Janiak, in the Royal Castle in Warsaw 2007 and are published in the catalogue from the exhibition on pages 454 – 455.

2. Another one is in the book “Poradnik Polskiego Kolekcjonera page 12.

3. "Baroque Splendor –The Art of the Hungarian Goldsmith"

4. "Pasy metalowe Polskie i obce w zbiorach Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie"

5. "Encyclopaedia of Ukraine"

6. "Pasja Zbjerania Kolekcja Ryszarda Z.Janiaka"

7. "Украина- козацька держава"

8. Poradnik Polskiego Kolekcjonera.

CONDITION: The belt is overall in good condition.

MEASUREMENTS: Length: 93.5 cm (36 3/4 in).Width: 6.5 cm (2 5/8 in).

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