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SOLD Antique 17th Century Polish Sword Blade with Indo Persian Talwar Hilt


SOLD Antique, 17th century, Polish sword, blade-mounted with 19th century Indo Persian Talwar hilt and scabbard.

Details: Slightly curved single - edged sturdy blade with a false edge – yelmen, cut on each face with full – length fuller. The spine, near the hilt, raised in characteristic manner for polish 17th century sword blades. The riccaso deeply stamped on inner face of the blade with the sickles". The blades of this shape with all the features, including raised spine, and the “eyelash" or "sickle". Markings are characteristic for the 17th century Polish sword blades mounted in Karabela sword hilts and Hussar sword hilts, Most of this style of the blades, stamped with sickles, were made during the first half of the 17th century for the Polish market by the Genoese and Styrian swordsmiths.

Many Polish swords were captured by Russians as war bounty during the 17th -18th century Polish Russian wars, and have been sold on the eastern markets, including Caucasus, Central Asia, and Afghanistan.

Since these blades were very well made of high carbon steel they were very high priced on the eastern markets, in this circumstance, the local sword smiths of Caucasus and Mughal Empire started to reproduced such blades and stamped them with “sickle" markings, and sold them as authentic European blades, however, these eastern blades are very poor quality, made of low carbon steel and not as well made as the real European blades.


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Please see the pictures attached to the listings.

CONDITION: The blade of the sword is in very good condition considering its age of approximately 350 years, with minor wear. The canvas of the wooden scabbard stained .

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length of the sword sheathed in the scabbard: 92 cm (36.22 inches), the Overall length without the scabbard: 91cm (35.83 inches). Length of the blade: 78.5 cm (30.91 inches). Thickness of the spine: 8 mm (0.31 inches).

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