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SOLD Antique 17th century Islamic Turkish Ottoman Sword Moroccan Palash


SOLD Authentic Antique, 16th-17th century Islamic Ottoman cavalry Sipahis sword, Palash.

Details: A solid steel hilt of classical Maghrib Arabian North African Algerian - Moroccan shape, forged in one piece of steel comprising a straight quillon outer ring – guard and recurved knuckle – guard, the grip is carved from a massive piece of rhino horn fitted with a shaped silver collar at the base and an engraved silver pommel plaque. An early European, 15th-16th century, long broad double-edged blade cut with a shallow full-length fuller, the forte with a reinforced frame.

Large Pallash Swords are distinguished as Ottoman Sipahis cavalry.Those types of swords were mounted horizontally on the left side under the saddle flap, while the shorter curved swords (sabre) were mounted to the warrior's belt. The large straight Pallash swords with the hilt in Moroccan form are well documented in professional references on the Ottoman Arms and Armour, and described as Ottoman Pallash. Please note that the long Pallash Swords were not used by Algerian and Moroccan cavalry.

Similar Ottoman swords are published in the monumental book Die Türckische Cammer by Holger Schuckelt. Page: 58 - 76 and also in the book Schätze aus 1001 Nacht - Faszination Morgenland. Page: 76 - 77. In the 16th -17th century the Ottoman Empire covered entire North Africa including Algeria and some parts of Eastern Morocco.

The Ottoman style Pallash swords were adopted in 16th-17th century by the Polish and Hungarian cavalry, as well as other Ottoman military weapons such as swords, maces, war hammers and armor.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 95.3cm (37 1/2 inches), length of the blade: 80.3 cm (31 5/8 inches).

CONDITION: In its 100 % original condition; with no repairs or replacements, showing the age and usage, old corrosion with a dark natural patina.

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