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SOLD Antique 17th century European Iron Mortar Cannon Gun


SOLD A rare Antique 17th century European iron mortar with bulbous body, ribbed muzzle and two knobbed trunnions, reinforced cast in low relief of a heraldic crowned eagle with the touch hole in the tail.

CONDITION: In good condition with some rust and remains of a later black painted finish.

The touch hole is clean and not clogged.

MEASUREMENTS (approximately):

Overall length: 24cm (91/2 in).

Width in the widest spot: 16 cm (6 1/4 in).

Diameter of the bore: 7.5 cm (3 in).

Depth of the bore: 22 cm (8 5/8 in).

Overall length of the trunnions: 23 cm (9 in).

WEIGHT: 17 Kg (38 Pounds).

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