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SOLD Antique 16th century European Knight of Malta breastplate Armour


SOLD Antique, 16th century, European Knight of Malta breastplate Armour formed of hand forged thick steel fitted with basal lame, angular outward turns at the neck and arm openings, each shoulder pierced with a pair of holes for the attachment of shoulder straps and its surface decorated with incised lines and a Maltese cross.

CONDITION: The exterior bearing the impact mark of a bullet, wear and pitting overall and some delamination of the metal. The interior corroded with an old brass soldering of the delamination of the metal on the left arm opening. The center with a modern welded bar to hang the armour for display on the wall.

DIMENSIONS: Height, approximately: 41.3 cm (16 1/4 in). Width, at the arm – opening .33.4 cm (13 1/8 in). Width, at the basal lame.36 cm (14 1/8 in).

WEIGHT, approximately: 6 kg (13 pounds).

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