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SOLD Ancient Sassanian Persian Agate Intaglio Portrait Seal


SOLD Authentic Ancient 224 - 651 A.D. Persian Sassanian seal of an ellipsoidal shape carved in agate stone with intaglio showing male a head of a bearded noble wearing a diadem and pierced through for suspension. In central and southern Mesopotamia, both stamp and cylinder seals appeared together near the end of the third millennium BC and the sealing surface was decorated with simple designs and often representing animals, it is possible that many of the stamps were not actually used as seals but were worn primarily as amulets. Sassanian stamp seals are mostly ellipsoidal in shape, and some have carved decoration to enhance the rich-looking translucent stones they favored, large holes in the center of the ellipsoids enabled them to be strung on chains or thongs and worn around their owners' necks.

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MEASUREMENTS: Length: 2.6 cm (1 1/8 in)

CONDITION: in a very good condition considering its age showing its age and usage.

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