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SOLD Ancient Pre-Roman Etruscan Villanovan 9th - 7th Century B.C. Bronze Dagger Sword


SOLD Authentic Ancient Italic Pre-Roman Etruscan Villanovan culture, 9th - 7th Century B.C., Bronze Short Sword Dagger with characteristic Etruscan shape, flanged hilt and crescent-pommel (T-hilt sword). Wide curved pommel, slender hilt widening in central part, wide concave shoulders; three rivet holes for a pair of grip-scales; straight double-edged tapering blade with a medial ridge. In the period when the sword was used, the handle would have had wood scales, but these never survive over 2500 thousand years of time.

Etruscan Villanovan swords and daggers are extremely rare compared to the ancient bronze swords and daggers, including luristan, Chinese or Greek Bronze swords band daggers since the Etruscan culture covered a small area of the Italian peninsula compared to the large geographical area luristan, China or Greece.

CONDITION: Excellent; no cracks, or repairs, the surface is covered by a shiny varnish applied at some time, over the surface, its natural green patina and earth encrustation. Tip of the blade slightly bent, most likely from the stab in the combat.


Overall length: 27.7cm (10.91 inches).

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