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SOLD Antique Polish Nobleman Hunting Sword Hanger Karabela 18th Century Poland


SOLD Antique 18th century circa 1750 Polish Nobleman Hunting Sword with a fluted ebony hilt of characteristic Karabela form retained by three oval engraved steel rivets, fitted with a shaped steel collar at the base, a short steel cross-guard with down turned quillons engraved with a rococo pattern.

A broad slightly curved single – edged blade, double – edged toward the point ,cut with a broad full-length fuller, and a slender fuller along the back-edge, engraved with scrolling rococo foliage.

REFERENCES: According to the Polish references: "Bron w Dawnej Polsce" by Zdzislaw Zygulski page 281, and "1000 SLÓW O BRONI BIALEJ I UZBROJENIU OCHRONNYM" by Wlodzimierz Kwas'niewicz, page 109, during the period time of the second quarter of the 18th century this particular type of hunting swords with Karabela hilts were worn by Polish Nobles to there costume “Kontusz” instead of the long karabela sword. Furthermore, Kwas'niewicz in his book states that with this type of weapon were armed Polish soldiers during the war with Russia, known as the Kos'ciuszko insurrection. Both of these authors are respectable experts in historical Polish arms and armour.

Also a very similar sword to this one described as an 18th century Polish Hunting sword is published in the book "Antique Arms and Armor", written by one of the leading British antique arms and armour experts, Frederick Wilkinson, page 107 Picture. S.W.32.

CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering its age, signs of usage and wear, slightly pitted, cutting edge with some minor nicks.

MEASUREMENTS: The overall length: 70 cm (27 1/2 in).

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