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SOLD Antique Meiji Period Imperial Japanese Police Sword Wakizashi


SOLD Antique Imperial Japanese, Meiji Period, police sword, wakizashi, with a brass “S” shaped guard and a loop for the leather knot, a back-strap decorated on the top with sub – rising sun police badge. The ribbed wooden grip is wrapped in twisted brass wire. The hand forged wakizashi blade with its original silver habaki and leather seppa, with Japanese character marking stamped on outer face of the riccaso, sheathed in it's nickel plated steel scabbard with one suspension ring and wooden insert.

REFERENCES: Swords of Imperial Japan, 1868 - 1945, by Jim Dawson. Page: 116-117. Police swords were authorized for Taiwan on June 19, Meiji 34 (1901), the Kwantung Leased Territory on August 29, Meiji 39 (1906), and Chosen (Korea) on July 20, Taisho 7 (1918).

CONDITION: Surface of the blade with scratches, the leather covered grip is worn out.

MEASUREMENTS, (approximately):

The overall length in the scabbard is: 62.5cm (24 5/8 in).

The overall length of the sword without the scabbard: 58 cm (22 3/4 in).

The overall length of the blade with the tang: 45 cm (17 3/4 in).

The cutting length of the blade: 43 cm (17 in).

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