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SOLD Antique 17th Century Polish Winged Hussar's Szyszak Helmet Zischägge


SOLD Antique, 17th century, Polish Winged Hussar's Szyszak helmet (Zischägge). Extremely well hand forged hemispherical skull constructed of twelve overlapping riveted plates, fitted at its apex with a rosette, broad band with pointed peak. Downturned neck-guard composed of three movable upward-lapping lames with turned-under edges, studded throughout with numerous dome – headed rivets. Retaining single plates of the scaled cheek flaps, (leather chin straps are missing).


Examples of similar Polish Winged Hussar's Szyszak helmets with the spikes and also without nasal-bars are worn by polish hussars on the “Rolka sztokholmska” a painting so-called Stockholm Roll, painted in the early 17th century depicting the Entry of the wedding procession of the king of Poland and Sweden, Sigismund III Vasa, into Cracow in 1605 on the occasion of his marriage to an Austrian Archduchess Constance, sister of Crown Prince and later Emperor Ferdinand II. Constance was the second wife of Sigismund's own sister who died seven years earlier Anna Habsburg. A similar Polish hussar helmet also constructed of overlapping plates is shown on the Polish, 17th century, Coffin portrait of Jan Swiniarski, ca.1654.Pleasee see: Winged Hussars / Husaria Rzeczpospolitej by Radosław Sikora, Radosław Szleszyński. Page.219.

A similar in style Zischägge is published in the book ” European Armour in the Tower of London” by A. R. Dufty, Plate Figure. d. Described as East European.

Another similar Zischägge is published in the book “Phaidon Guide to Antique Weapons and Armour” by Robert Wilkinson-Latham. Page: 80. Described as the German Zischägge. This description is wrong, since there is no iconographic evidence from the 17th century period of time showing German cavalry in this type of szyszak.

Please see the pictures attached to the listing.

A photocopy of the pages from the aforementioned references will be provided along with a certificate of authenticity.

Provenance: Acquired from an important collection of Polish antiques, including Polish arms and armour. We had attached to the listing a picture of the Polish hussar helmets in this collection, which we had taken at the time of the purchasing of this collection, showing this helmet together with other Polish szyszaks: the first helmet from the right.

CONDITION: In its original untouched condition, showing the age and usage, slightly pitted overall, missing of spike finial.

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