SOLD Antique 18th -19th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Yatagan Yataghan


SOLD Antique 18th -19th century Turkish Ottoman Islamic Sword Yatagan with a characteristic ear shaped hilt. DETAILS: The hilt is made of two large pieces of light brown horn mounted in gilt silver decorated with a typical Balkan raised knobbed design and applied with three raised settings of square.

A curved single edged blade with a full narrow and chased on the spine with grooves, richly ornamented on both faces with silver Arabic calligraphy.

In its original leather covered wooden scabbard, stitched with brass wire and fitted with a large white metal chape and locked with a suspension mount.

CONDITION: The sword is in good condition considering its age, signs of usage and wear; there are minor splits on the joins of the silver fittings with traces of old repairs.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length with the scabbard: 69.5cm (27 1/4 inches). Overall length without scabbard: 60 cm (23 5/8 inches).

1) “Yanissari – History Symbols Weapons” by G.E.Vvedensky.
2) “Zbirka Jatagana” by Dora Boskovic.
3) “Les Armes Blanches do Monde Islamic” by Alain Jacob.
4) TURKISH ARMS by E.G.Astvatsaturjan.


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