SOLD Antique 19th century European Hunting Sword


SOLD Antique 19th century European hunting sword. Double – edged steel blade cut with a pair of long fullers on each side. Ebony hilt with gild brass crossguard with a pair of vertically recurved quillons with hound’s head terminals. Issuant from a central quillon - block, on one side a boar enclosed by a hunting horn; on the other side a stag enclosed by a hunting horn. In its, leather – covered, wooden scabbard with gild brass mounts.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length in the scabbard: 65 cm (36 in), the Overall length without the scabbard: 61.6 cm (24 1/4).

CONDITION: In good condition considering its age (showing its age and usage) blade is slightly bent, gilding on brass crossguard and scabbard mounts partly worn.


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