Antique 19th Century Indonesian-Javanese Wayang Topeng Mask

Antique 19th Century Indonesian-Javanese Wayang Topeng Mask

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Authentic antique 19th century Indonesian-Javanese wayang topeng mask finely carved of exotic wood possibly kelana – wood, with naturalistic expression, pierced eyes and nose, carved hair adorned with elaborately carved and gilt ornament, lacquered and applied with natural hair moustache and Mica teeth. Pierced on both sides with a small hole to thread a silk suspension string through.

These traditional masks from Java are known in Indonesia as “Wayang Topeng.” They’re worn by actors as they perform traditional drama dances, known as wayang topeng wearing elaborate costumes and accompanied by a gamelan orchestra. The Wayang Topeng dances act out stories from the ancient Javanese Panji Narratives, tales of kings and heroes, thought to have had their origins in East Java around the 13th century.

CONDITION: Showing its age and usage, eyebrows hairs are missing, some chips and wear, due to its age. Interior with dark glossy usage patina.


Height: 20 cm (7.87 inches)

Width: 15.3 cm (6.2 inches)