Large Antique 18th c Spanish Colonial Carved Wood Virgin Mary Figure Santos

Large Antique 18th c Spanish Colonial Carved Wood Virgin Mary Figure Santos

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A fine large antique 18th century, Spanish colonial polychrome-decorated finely carved wood and gesso figure of the Virgin Mary (Santos).

Holy Mary is standing atop of the integral octagonal pedestal base; finely carved flowing black hair and face in spiritual ecstasy, hands folded in a prayer posture. She is wearing a white tunic and an elaborately carved blue mantle decorated with silver stars, and gold trimming.

Santos played an important role in bringing the Catholic Church to the New World with the Spanish colonists. These religious figures were hand-carved and were used as icons to explain the major figures - Mary, Christ, and the saints - to new, indigenous converts. Likewise, they served as a connection to the Old World for Spanish colonists far from home. They became a folk-art tradition in the Spanish New World, from modern day Peru to as far north as New Mexico and Colorado. Many of them were lovingly cared for over the years, with repairs and paint added as they aged, and played an active part for a long time in the religious life of their communities.


Height approx. 77.5 cm (30.51 inches)

WEIGHT: 7.08 kg (15.6 lb)

CONDITION: in good condition considering its age, showing its age and usage, with some losses and damage, wear and an old crack in the wrist of the left hand, some paint lifting and flaking with paint loss particularly to the face and neck commensurate with age.