Authentic Fossil Of European Woolly Mammoth Tooth Molar

Authentic Fossil Of European Woolly Mammoth Tooth Molar

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Authentic Fossil of European Woolly Mammoth (Mammuthus Primigenius) tooth (molar). Last Ice Age period. PLEISTOCENE: 150,000 - 20,000 years ago

This is a rare example of top-grade specimen with superb large plate structures and roots.

Teeth from the true European (not Siberian) Woolly mammoth deposits rarely survive with roots structures like this and ever found in this condition. There are more mastodon fossils found in Florida than European Woolly Mammoth fossils.

Condition: Glued vertical crack, otherwise in extraordinary condition. This is an exceptionally well-preserved and fine grade example with stunning natural colors.

This specimen is not a restored, stabilized by filler, painted or lacquered as the molars which are sometimes appears for sale.


Overall length: 19cm (7.48 inches)

Height: 15.5 (6.1 inches)

Weight: 2.191 kg (4 lb. 13.29 oz)