Antique Ukrainian Hutsul Ceramic Pitcher 19th Century Ukraine

Antique Ukrainian Hutsul Ceramic Pitcher 19th Century Ukraine

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Authentic antique, 19th century, museum-quality Ukrainian Hutsul sgraffito, ceramic ware, large Pitcher from the region of Kosov-Pistyn. A well-potted baluster shaped body raised on a small foot, with a tall flaring neck and shaped spout, applied curved handle; exterior decorated with carved and incised traditional hutsul design highlighted with brown, yellow and turquoise splash glazes on a cream-colored background glaze.

The local artisans of the Pistyn and Kosov region are still making pottery in traditional Hutsul style.

During the 19th century the Hutsul ceramic objects were made for everyday use, and since the pottery is a very fragile material, the real antique, 19th century, Hutsul ceramic objects are very rare. However, there are still preserved 19th century objects in the Ukrainian museums, including the Kolomyia Museum of Hutsul Folk Art, and in Polish Museums, including Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie.


1. Мальована кераміка Косова і Пістиня ХІХ – початку ХХ століть

2. Ceramika pokucka w kolekcji Muzeum Narodowego w Krakowie

HEIGHT: 26cm (10.24 inches)

CONDITION: Signs of usage, the neck cracked and chipped, which can be expected from every day use of a pottery pitcher over 100 years old. Otherwise in good condition.