Antique Russian Orthodox Brass Triptych Icon The Mother of Good

Antique Russian Orthodox Brass Triptych Icon The Mother of Good

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Authentic Antique 18th-19th century Russian Orthodox three-folded brass triptych icon the center panel “The Mother Of Good Joy OF All Who Sorrow”; in the centre The Virgin with a warder in her right hand with the groups of people on her sides, on the top part The Vernicle (Holy Face).Left fold: archangel Michael and apostle Peter, Stprelate Basil the Great and St. George the Great martyr, St. prelate John the Chrysostom and St. metropolitan Peter. Right fold: Archangel Gabriel and Apostle Paul, St. Martyr Vlosios.

CONDITION: In good condition showing signs of usage and wear.

MEASUREMENTS: 10 cm x 6.8 cm (3.9 in x 2.68 in)


1.Smithsonian Museums in Washington, DC. (From the former “Kunz Collection) Published in the catalogue. Russian Copper Icons and Crosses from the Kunz Collection: Castings of Faith by Richard Eighme Ahlborn and Vera Beaver-Bricken Espinola.

2. Andrei Rublev Central Museum of Ancient Russian Culture and Arts. Published in the catalogue. Crosses, Icons, Hinged Icons by Gnutova, E. Ya. Zotova.

Due to the fact that the market is flooded by reproductions of the Russian brass Icons, which for inexperienced collectors look the same as the authentic objects, we would like to inform our clients that this is genuine authentic antique Icon, and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.