Antique 18th -19th c South East Asian Bronze figure Of Hindu God Lord Krishna

Antique 18th -19th c South East Asian Bronze figure Of Hindu God Lord Krishna

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Authentic antique, 18th - 19th century, south East Asian, finely cast and skillfully hand chased bronze figure depicting an Indian Hindu god, Lord Krishna Venugopala. He is standing on a separately cast circular lotus base, in his distinctive tribanga pose, holding his flute with his two hands, clad in a pleated dhoti incised with patterns, tied at his waist with a sash, his upper torso adorned with necklaces, and his arms with armlets and bracelets. His face of South East Asian features with large eyes and wide nose, flanked by elongated earlobes with circular earrings, his head topped with a very unusual mukut (crown).


The anthropological futures of this particular sculpture of Lord Krishna resemble a coastal South East Asian, also the mukut (crown) is in the costal South East Asian style. The circular lotus base is made with western European Dutch influence. All of this makes this sculpture rare and unusual compared to the other bronze figures of the lord Krishna made in traditional Indian style.


CONDITION: In good condition considering its age and usage, the surface with a dark patina, worn out on the exposed areas.


MEASUREMENTS: Height: 18 cm (7.09 inches).



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