Antique 16th century German large Halberd - Pole arm Kriegsgertel

Antique 16th century German large Halberd - Pole arm Kriegsgertel

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Antique 16th century (C.1550-1600. A.D.) German or Swiss infantry, Fauchard- Guisarme (Kriegsgertel), Polearm head, with a hand-forged massive iron blade with tapering tabular socket with visible distinct lamination and stamped on one side with two maker’s marks a. Pierced at the base with hole for the pin to be fastened to the wooden pole.

CONDITION: In its original condition showing the age and usage with glossy dark patina. The edge of the blade is still very sharp.

MEASUREMENTS: Overall length including socket: 37.5 cm (14.7 inches)


1.A very similar Kriegsgertel from the collection of the Museum für Deutsche Geschichte,is published in the book. Europäische Hieb-Und Stichwaffen by Heinrich Müller und Hartmut Kölling, page 262.No 266. Please see the last picture attached to the listing.

2.MEDIEVAL COSTUME ARMOUR AND WEAPONS 1350-1450, by Eduard WAGNER. Plate 33. Part V.

Please see the picture attached to the listing.

Please see also the picture with the group of the Kriegsgertel composed of various references.

The buyer will be provided with copies of the pages from these references along with a certificate of authenticity.



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