Antique Polish Saxon Officer Portrait 18th century Oil Painting

Antique Polish Saxon Officer Portrait 18th century Oil Painting

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Antique 18th century large oil on canvas portrait representing a high rank officer of the Polish – Saxon army of the "Foreign Style" regiments (cudzoziemskiego autoramentu), most likely a General, from the period of Augustus II, King of Poland and Elector of Saxony. In the time of his reign, and also later in the reign of his son Augustus III, also elected King of Poland, there was a personal union between Saxony and Poland 1697-1763.

DETAILS: He is dressed in red uniform, a coat with large cuffs, and richly adorned with laces, caring on his left side a sword, and holding under his left arm a bicorn hat with a gold bullion ribbon.
The Portrait is unsigned as the painter was appointed as something like a photographer, to take an image of the client, not and to have the name of the painter at the front of their image.

CONDITION: Some small holes, approximately four, two horizontal line cracks in the canvas, one damage, a torn canvas at the level of the head. To the reverse of the canvas is glued an old paper, most likely in the 19th century, as the canvas was already very old, therefore for support and reinforcement.
At present, the paper at many spots is lost, and the connection with the canvas, and is falling out. No modern restoration was performed to the painting. The painting is on an old stretching frame, and framed in a beautiful gilded antique frame.

DIMENSIONS: Including the frame: 84 cm x 68.5 cm (33 in x 27 in),
the frame: 78 cm x 63 cm (30 3/4 in x 24 3/4 in).

REFERENCES: "Die Armee August des Starken Das sächsische Heer von 1730 bis 1733" by Müller, Reinhold.

This Portrait was acquired by us from one of the most important Canadian collection of Polish Arms and Amour, together with other important military artifacts.