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Antique Mongolian Medieval 13th Century Iron Stirrups Genghis Khan Mongol Empire

Antique Mongolian Medieval 13th Century Iron Stirrups Genghis Khan Mongol Empire

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A two of rare, medieval, iron stirrups of the nomads of the Eastern Steppe. 13th century Genghis Khan Mongol Empire.

Entirely hand-forged from a single piece of thick solid iron, each of oval form with a flattened arched crossbar, pierced with a slot to receive a suspension strap.

The concave footpad is ribbed at the bottom and fitted in the inner side with the iron knobs to serve instead of spurs, as nomads did not use an actual spur.


Since these stirrups are very sturdy and forged from heavy iron plates, they must have belonged to the Mongolian heavy cavalry warrior, the army elite.

This cavalry was recruited from the richest nobilities of the Mongol Empire. They were armored head to toe in lamellar armor composed of metal plates sewn together into a suit. Often this armor also covered the horse.

REFERENCES: Arms and Armour of the Nomads of the Great Steppe in the Times of the Mongol Expansion (12th-14th Centuries) by Witold Świętosławski. Page 138.Plate. XXVI.

We will provide the buyer with photocopies from these two museums, together with a certificate of authenticity.


CONDITION: Corroded but stable and solid, one of the footpads chipped and some iron knobs missing. All of this is an aspect from antique combat stirrups to be over 700 years old.


DIMENSIONS: Since they are individually hand forged, each of the stirrups is slightly different in size.


One of the stirrup measures: Height: 14.5 cm (5.71 inches). Width: 15.7 cm (6.18 inches).

The second one measures: Height: 15 cm (5.91 inches). Width: 14.7 cm (5.79 inches).