Antique Mayan Obsidian Spear Point Blade Late Classic AD 550-950

Antique Mayan Obsidian Spear Point Blade Late Classic AD 550-950

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Ancient Pre-Columbian Mayan Late Classic, ca. 550-950 A.D. Obsidian spear point of elegant form of triangular form with flared tang and barbs. The obsidian spearhead was made during the earlier periods of the Mayan era. The predilection of the Mayans for violence and warfare ensured they were true artists in the manufacture of sharp weapons. Obsidian, which is of course volcanic glass, was preferred because it could be made into sharp objects due to its high degree of hardness. Processing obsidian is extremely difficult, but this was precisely the type of challenge sought by the Maya. The manufacture of a spearhead was an extra challenge since perfect symmetry was required to make a good throw, the artistic feel of the Maya resulted in this beautiful sharp spearhead.


CONDITION: One of the wings is broken.The patina and the old minerals deposits are visible in some spots; please see the pictures


DIMENSIONS: Length: 11.7 cm (4 5/8 inches). Width in the widest point: 4.5 cm (1 3/4 inches)


PROVENANCE: From an old Canadian collection of Pre-Columbian Art



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