Antique Islamic Persian Pottery Qajar Moulded Tile

Antique Islamic Persian Pottery Qajar Moulded Tile

SKU: IS382


Antique 19th century Islamic Persian Qajar Dynasty tile of rectangular form, moulded in low-reliefs and painted in underglaze cobalt blue, green, white, light blue and brown, outlined in black depicting a man standing in a garden landscape wearing an elaborate dress and traditional Persian hat. The tile is set in its antique 19th century Cassetta frame, lacquered in a deep black glossy finish with ornate gold lip.



Dimensions, including the frame, 37.2 cm x 33 cm (14 41⁄64 inches x 12 63⁄64 inches)

Dimensions, approximately without the frame: 18.8 cm x 14 .5 cm (7 13⁄32 inches x 5 45⁄64 inches)


CONDITION: In excellent condition. No repairs or restoration. The old frame with some chipping as is common in old frames