Antique 16th Century European Arm Armour Rerebrace

Antique 16th Century European Arm Armour Rerebrace

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Antique 16th century (1500-1590) European upper arm defense armour (Rerebrace) and Elbow Defense (Couter) for the right arm, formed of large central plate with 3 plates above and 3 plates below including central Couter plate. The main edges with inward turns, the large middle plate and the Couter recessed and incised with two central vertical lines. All plates are secured by pins with domed heads the 3 upper plates retain leather straps at the back.

On the exterior of the main plate is a pin to secure the arm to the pauldron.

Approximate measurements: Overall length: 40 cm (15.75 inches)

WEIGHT: 765 grams (1.69 lb.)

CONDITION: slightly pitted, the interior rusted with some spots corroded with minor snaps.

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Similar armour from the collection of the Muzeum Zagłębia w Będzinie dated by museum experts to the 16th century is published in the book; " Broń biała i uzbrojenie ochronne, Będzin ", page 56 -73

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