Antique Ceramic Vases Song Dynasty 1127-1279 AD

Antique Ceramic Vases Song Dynasty 1127-1279 AD

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Pair of antique Chinese, ceramic vases from the Southern Song Dynasty period time (1127-1279 AD). Green celadon glaze body is decorated with sculptured Green Dragon of the East together with sun disc, vermilions Bird of the South and applied figures of star gods.


CONDITION: The overall condition is still considered to be very good for this 800 year old ceramic vase; no repairs or restorations except for minor chips, also the base of the one of the vase is uneven therefore make it difficult to stand without the support. Please see a photo showing that the vase is level by a small piece of Plexiglas.


MEASUREMENTS: Height approximately: 54cm (21 ¼ in)



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