Antique Canadian Scrimshaw silver Mounted 19th century

Antique Canadian Scrimshaw silver Mounted 19th century

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Antique Canadian 19th century silver mounted large scrimshaw walrus tusk. Details: The outer side of the tusk is finely engraved with an unusual Hudson’s Bay Company coat of arms. It is composed of a shield with a cross (the cross of St. George) and with four beavers, one in each quarter. Above the shield is a crest which depicts a walrus sitting on the Cap of Maintenance. The shield and crest are supported by two elk with a scroll showing the old Latin motto pro pelle cutem: a skin for a skin.

Engraved with a map depicting lakes surrounded by mountains with sailing tall ships, an elaborate star compass with swimming whales in the water beside, and on the far right is an engraved rectangular cartouche with a capital letter “”T supported by two standing griffins.

Mounted in two elaborated sterling silver mounts decorated with incised scrolling foliage with its original silver suspension chain.


MEASUREMENTS: Overall length: 31 cm (12 1/4 inches).


CONDITION: In good condition; no cracks, repairs, or restorations.


Please notice that this is not an ordinary primitively engraved scrimshaw, but a truly high scale engraved artistic object, which most likely was a presentation piece most likely made specially for a higher rank official of the Hudson’s Bay Company in the 18th-19th century.

This rare artifact comes from a Canadian estate sale, and according to the family tradition, the scrimshaw was there for several generations, however nobody knows more beyond that.