Antique African Figural Ceremonial Shaman Axe

Antique African Figural Ceremonial Shaman Axe

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A rare antique, late 19th-early 20th century, African tribal ceremonial axe-hatchet used by shaman as the accessory for the Bwami secret society divination practices. The brown dyed bone shaft is finely carved with three tribal figures. The top figure depicts an African woman with large breast wearing the conical hat wrapped in twisted copper wire. The bottom figure depicting an African man with the Erect Phallus formed from the rear spike of the iron axe blade and wrapped in twisted copper wire. The man wearing on his head, a hat shaped of twisted copper wire.


The Phallus, is also integrated with the head, carved on the base forming an integral puzzle, with the lower torso of the figure above, and the phallus is placed in the middle of the forehead, which can be interpreted as symbolic, meaning that the mind of the man is always focused on sex which is symbolized by a phallus. The back side of the base is also carved with the similar man head as on the front, except instead of the phallus there is an axe blade in the center of his forehead. The hand forged, iron axe blade is bound at its base with copper wire.


The phallus is a symbol of Fertility in most of the tribal cultures.


CONDITION: In its original condition, showing the age and usage, with a glossy patina, the iron blade corroded.


MEASUREMENTS: Overall length 30 cm (11.81 inches)