Antique Islamic Malay Sultanate Of Brunei Brass Sireh Box

Antique Islamic Malay Sultanate Of Brunei Brass Sireh Box

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Antique Islamic, late 19th -early 20th century Malay - Sultanate of Brunei cast Brass Sireh box of octagonal form with hinged lid. Entirely decorated with traditional Brunei wire scrolling floral motif design around the body and lid.

Various types of betel or sireh set and receptacles were created in the Malay and Indonesian Archipelago to hold the ingredients of the betel chew. A set generally comprises a receptacle for holding betel leaves, pots for areca, gambier and lime and a nut cutter. A betel quid consists of a betel leaf smeared with lime, thin shavings of areca nut, gambier as well as other ingredient such as cloves.


Wide: 26 cm (10.24 inches)

High: 10 cm (3.94 inches)

Weight: 2kg (4.41 lbs)

CONDITION: Showing age and usage, an small chip in the rim of the lid (as common in these type)

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