Antique 18th century Indo-Persian Islamic Armour Char-Aina

Antique 18th century Indo-Persian Islamic Armour Char-Aina

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Antique,18th century, Indo-Persian Islamic Armour char-aina (chahar-aina, chahar a’ineh), literally the four mirrors. The chest armor is composed of four slightly convex steel plates of rectangular form, a breastplate, a back-plate, and two side-plates shaped to fit beneath the armpits, all decorated en suite with chiseled armaments of foliage and scroll-work. The borders applied with a copper frame engrossed with numerous studs and fitted with buckles to attach leather straps.


CONDITION: The surface of the exterior with some wear and pitting overall, the interior with dark brown rust. Retains its broken off buckle from the back plate, please see the picture.



Dimensions of the front and the back plates: height: 29.5 x 24 cm (11.61 inches x 9.45 inches).

Dimensions of the side plates: height: 27.5 cm x 21.5 cm (10.83 inches x 8.46 inches).