Antique 19th Century Turkish Ottoman Silver Islamic Ewer

Antique 19th Century Turkish Ottoman Silver Islamic Ewer

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Antique 19th century Turkish Ottoman solid silver ewer of swollen pear shape, with a double scroll handle and slender curved spout, and a hinged domed cover surmounted by a finial. The entire surface of the coffee pot is densely engraved with palmette and floral motifs at the centre, and an engraved medallion with a crown surmounted by a crescent moon. The ewer is stamped on the neck with Ottoman silver hallmark Tughra, the handle is stamped with smaller silver hallmarks. The Tughra mark is deeply scratched by some sharp tool, as though someone did this deliberately to remove the Arabic script, so it is not clear and very poorly visible.

Condition: The Ewer is in good condition considering it age, except for an old repair on the centre of the lower part of the globular body.

Height: 33 cm (13 in).



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