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Antique 17-18th Century Spanish Colonial Polychrome Wood Crucifix Cross Santos

Antique 17-18th Century Spanish Colonial Polychrome Wood Crucifix Cross Santos


This is an antique, museum-quality, Spanish Colonial polychrome wood crucifix from the 17th to early 18th century. The cross is designed in a typical 17th-century style. The figure of Christ is well-carved and polychrome with gild highlights. He wears a windswept perizonium tied at the waist and a thorn-crowned head adorned by a sunray aureole behind it. Beneath the statue of Christ stands a beautifully carved and polychromed figure of the Virgin Mary on a pedestal. She holds her hands in adoration, wears a large robe-tunic, and has a large sunray halo around her head.


NOTE: Religious art, such as crosses, figures, and paintings, played a vital role in the spread of the Catholic Church to the New World through Spanish colonists. These artworks also served as a link to the Old World for Spanish colonists who were far from home. They became a folk art tradition in the Spanish New World, spanning from modern-day Peru to as far north as California, Colorado, and New Mexico. Many of these artworks were carefully maintained over the years, with repairs and paint added as they aged. They played an important role in the religious life of their communities for a long time.


DIMENSIONS: 36.5 cm x 17 cm (14.37 inches x 6.69 inches).

CONDITION: Show signs of age and wear with exceptional dark patina. Some flaking in the polychrome is also present, which is common in items that are over 250 years old.

Two small holes were drilled on top of Christ's head specifically to attach the silver crown that once adorned the figure. Additionally, a hole was drilled in the plinth, which was a later addition and used to mount the cross on the wall.