Ancient 6th - 5th century B.C. Scythian Short Sword Dagger Akinakes Akinakk

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Authentic Ancient, 6th - 5th century B.C. Northern Black Sea Region, Scythian iron short sword – dagger Akinakes, Acinaces, Akinak. Comprising a sturdy, straight double-edged tapering blade, the flattened handle with lobed (Butterfly) guard and double-loop pommel, often called "antenna" pommel.

REFERENCES: Weapons of the Ancient East by M.V.Gorelik.

Page: 202-203. No.36.

Page 204-205. No.42.

Page 206-207. No.7

We will also provide the buyer with photocopies of the pages from the mentioned references together with a certificate of authenticity.

To view a related sword in the museum please see the last picture in the listing.

CONDITION: In excavated condition, but, stable and very solid.

MEASUREMENTS: The overall length: 30.8 cm (12.13 inches).

WEIGHT: 351 grams (12.38 ounces).

The Scythian were a nomadic Indo-European people, of Eastern European origin, a predecessor of the Slavic people shared a common Haplogroup R1a (Y-chromosomal DNA), Artistic, Cultural, & economic base and occupying a geological band from Eastern Europe through to the grasslands above China.



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